About Us

90% of all A-List autographs are fake.In 1989 a young collector purchased a fake autograph from a seller who was later convicted by the FBI for forgery. The unfortunate experience motivated the pioneering of a revolutionary company that would provide fellow collectors with access to genuine autographs that were safeguarded against fraud. In 2005, Celebrity Authentics entered the industry at a time when the FBI was warning the public about a market saturated with forgeries. To maintain the integrity of each autograph, we developed and implemented a serial-numbered authentication system that included an industry first -  a picture of the talent signing the item. According to the FBI’s research, this is the only system that assures authenticity while effectively eliminating forgeries in the marketplace.

Celebrity Authentics has become the most trusted name in autographed memorabilia, establishing contractual relationships with film and television’s finest to release rare, high quality and distinctive pieces. With a commitment to collectors and fans, our sole purpose is to provide customers with confidence and peace of mind when purchasing Celebrity Authentics certified autographed editions.