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Authentication & Certificates of Authenticity

What makes you different and how do I know your autographs are real?

Do you authenticate items?

Do you purchase memorabilia?

Can I purchase an item without a hologram placed on it?

My hologram is not working, why?

I lost my COA, may I receive a replacement?

May I receive a picture of the exact autographed item I will receive?

Why is a photo of the exact item I received not showing when I authenticate my item?

Can I receive a larger picture of the actor signing?

May I receive a different picture of the actor signing on my COA?

Where is my COA card/s?

What does a hologram with an S prefix indicate?


How do I create an account?

How do I sign into my account?

What if I forgot my password?

How do I change my password?

How do I add/update my payment information?

How do I add my address information?

How do I edit my address information?

How do I sign up for the newsletter?

I signed up for emails but haven’t receive any emails yet, why?

How do I sign up for a wholesale account?

What is Celebrity Authentics Auctions?

Why can’t I sign into my auction account here?


What if my item is lost in the mail?

What if I receive my item damaged?

May I receive a specific edition number when you ship?

Will I receive the autographed item shown on the product page?

Can I have a discount?

Why wont my discount code work on items on sale and Pre-Order items?

What if I forget or missed the use of a discount code?

Can I make custom framing requests?

Can I cancel my In-Stock order?


What payment methods are accepted?

Can I pay for my auction winning here?

Can I use my Celebrity Authentics gift card to pay for winnings on Celebrity Authentics Auctions website?


How long will it take to receive my item?

If I place my order today, when will it ship?

Can you lower a value on the custom’s form?

Can you mark my package as a gift?

Is shipping free?

Do you offer international shipping?

What carrier do you use for shipping?


How do I return an item if I change my mind?

How long will it take to process a return?

Once a return is approved what's the next step?

Customer Send-Ins/Pre-Orders

What do I receive when I send in my item to be autographed?

Can I choose autograph location, marker color or send in my own marker to be used for the signing?

After I send in my item, can I get it back for another signing or exchange it for a different item?

Is my package insured?

Will you reuse my packing material?

What if my item returns damaged in transit?

Will you forward my letter or gift to the actor?

What if my item is damaged during shipping, handling or signing?

Can I cancel my Pre-Order?

What if my inscription request is unfulfilled?