DC Comics and Celebrity Authentics Join Forces for a New Series of Comics

Prior releases of Celebrity Authentics exclusive comics featuring photo covers of Margot Robbie, Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy quickly became some of the most sought after comics in the industry. Unsigned, graded copies sold for hundreds of dollars and signed copies frequently topped $2,000 in CGC SS 9.8 grade on eBay and other sites.  The rarity and true collectibility of these books quickly became popular with collectors and now we are pleased to announce that Celebrity Authentics has collaborated with DC Comics for an upcoming series of comics with celebrity photo covers in very limited runs of only 1,000 books worldwide per title.  
These premium cover books will bring you your favorite actors from DC films of both yesterday and today.  Most releases will be offered in both an autographed version, graded CGC Signature Series 9.8, and an unsigned blue label version with CGC 9.8 grading.  Unsigned blue label books will be limited and both versions will be offered surrounding Celebrity Authentics’s product launches for each actor.  They will be sold on a first come, first served basis. 
With this, we are excited to reveal our first two releases.  Sasha Calle starred as Supergirl in Andy Muschietti’s 2023 The Flash and she quickly became a fan favorite. Her performance as Kara Zor-El resinated with fans, creating a stir for a standalone film for Sasha in the title role.  This release features a majestic shot of Supergirl, bold, strong and empowered to battle General Zod for mankind’s survival.  Ordering for this book will be announced soon, along with pre-order opportunity for other Sasha Calle personally autographed collectibles.
Our next release is truly special to us.  For over eight years and counting Celebrity Authentics has enjoyed representing film legend Val Kilmer for his autograph and we are honored to release the first and only comic featuring his photo image as the Caped Crusader from 1995’s Batman Forever.  Alongside Nicole Kidman, Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones and Chris O’Donnell, Val’s performance as Bruce Wayne was one of the character’s finer performances on screen and remains a fan favorite.  The film also delivered several fan-favorite quotes including, “Chicks dig the car” to ’ll get drive-thru”.  Destined to become a true collection gem, this book Pre-Order drops today at 2 PM EST.
 Supergirl and Batman Forever CGC Graded Exclusive CA Photo Comic Covers
We look forward to building upon our relationship with DC Comics and providing you with the some of the most collectible photo cover releases the industry has ever seen. Stay tuned and watch your email for future details.  If you haven’t yet signed up to receive notice of our upcoming news, specials, and signing opportunities, be sure to do so today by clicking the link below.

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