Gone In 60 Seconds....Nicolas Cage!

We often hear or read of a “once in a lifetime opportunity” but we are thrilled to present what appears to be a true once in a lifetime opportunity to own a genuine signature from film legend, Nicolas Cage.  We have been advised that Nic has passed on hundreds of offers for autograph signings but we are honored to announce that Nicolas Cage has selected Celebrity Authentics, for what has been said to be, likely the only signing that he will ever do.  This Celebrity Authentics exclusive signing is set to take place by December 15, 2023 and is subject to selling out quickly.  During this very limited signing, Nic has has kindly agreed to provide a more legible signature than his ‘initials’ often seen, or purported, to be his autograph. 
Winner of numerous awards including the Acadamy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards, among many others,  Nic's film credits are iconic with many classics and fan favorites including Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Raising Arizona, Wild At Heart, Leaving Las Vegas, The Rock, Con Air, Face Off, City of Angels, Gone In 60 Seconds, National Treasure, Lord of War, Ghost Rider, Kick-Ass, Drive Angry, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Renfield and many more.  
Nick Cage Autographed Product Pre-Order
Nic will also be completing optional Personalizations, Character Names and Quotes (for an additional fee).  Your Send-Ins will be accepted (subject to sell out) but must be  received no later than November 24th (please note, this is a firm deadline).  Pre-Order launches Tuesday, October 31st at 2 PM EST.  A wide selection of photos, posters, comics, die cast car and more will be offered on and through our select Authorized Dealers. 
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