The Versatile, The Incomparable Tom Hardy: A Celebrity Authentics Exclusive

Tom Hardy as Bane

"There’s a storm coming” - Selina Kyle. When Anne Hathaway chided Christian Bale as Batman with this line, that storm soon came to Gotham in the form of Bane and it’s with great pride that Celebrity Authentics presents our newest autograph exclusive, the incomparable Tom Hardy. Tom's transformation in the 2008 film Bronson would prove his extensive range and stun critics. He played the notorious Charles Bronson (given name, Michael Peterson), the "most violent prisoner in Britain". Bald, pumped-up, and outfitted with Bronson's signature strongman mustache, Tom is unrecognizable and gives a harrowing performance that is physically fearless and psychologically unsettling. Whenever Tom is on screen, he owns the character - he owns the scene. Directors have discussed Tom’s intensity, raw emotion, passion and drive. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Director, George Miller, extoled, "I had the same feeling about Tom that I had when Mel Gibson first walked into the room: There was a kind of edgy charm, the charisma of animals. You don’t know what’s going on in their inner depths, and yet they’re enormously attractive". In 2009, Hardy was named one of Variety's "10 Actors to Watch". Working on both stage and screen, the versatile actor received an Academy Award Nomination for his 2015 role as John Fitzgerald in The Revenant.

Tom Hardy as Venom

This will be Tom’s first, and only autograph signing. Just one time so don’t miss your only opportunity. The private signing is scheduled for this Summer (pending his filming schedule which is presently open to accommodate the signing session). Tom will be flown to the US specifically for this and we are pleased to share that he has kindly agreed to sign legible signatures - not merely his initials. He will also be completing character names, personalizations and quotes. Since he will be traveling to us, we are also able to accept your send-in items from his blockbuster films and standout performances such as Black Hawk Down, Bronson, Inception, Warrior, The Dark Knight Rises, Mad-Max, Legend, The Revenant, Venom and most recently, Peaky Blinders.

On Friday, March 11 we will release an Advance Preview email which will detail pricing and a large selection of product options to be signed including photos, posters, prop replicas and much more. The actual Pre-Order will open on Tuesday, March 22 at 2:00pm EST. We are working on some never before seen items for the signing so if you are not already signed up for our newsletter, be sure to sign up now to receive the advance news and details!

In 2008 we worked with Patrick Stewart in New York for a private signing and Patrick was stressed. He was very gracious and kind but also very preoccupied, as he was preparing for his Broadway opening of Shakespeare and his female lead had just become ill and was unable to open. They were preparing her replacement so he had a lot on his mind, lines to go over with his new lead and much more. As we came across a stack of photos, he pointed, tapped and said to me, “keep your eyes on this guy, he’s going to be a huge star”. We politely replied “will do, thanks for the tip”. We can’t help but laugh as we look back and think how Patrick pointed to that Star Trek: Nemesis photo of himself alongside the film’s villain lead of Shinzon, portrayed by Tom Hardy.

Collections are defined by treasured pieces. Investments flourish in rarity. Tom Hardy’s signature delivers both. Mark your calendar, set your alarm and be ready for 2:00pm EST on Tuesday, March 22nd for this unprecedented opportunity to add a very rare item personally hand-signed by Tom Hardy to your collection!


Send-In Details:

Deadline date for us to receive your Send-In item/s is June 6, 2022.  Please note, once we receive your item, we cannot return it for any reason as it will be in storage, securely stored for the signing.  Please include a copy of your Purchase Receipt with your item/s and ship to:

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