Yeah, I'm Batman...and Michael Keaton is Back

We certainly encountered many hurdles in getting back together, including Covid, but we are very excited to confirm that we now have a signing date confirmed for  September with perhaps the most beloved Batman of all-time and one of this generation’s greatest actors, Michael Keaton. It’s been several years since he has last signed. We recall when Harrison Ford went to $300, then to $500 for an autograph and we thought, this is getting crazy!  Now he’s over $1,000.  Let’s be clear, Michael Keaton is heading in that direction. His film work continues to immortalize his iconic status in the world of pop culture. His return as Batman in Andy Muschietti’s, The Flash, and the reprising of his classic role in the upcoming Beetlejuice 2 continues to further his legacy. He’s also completed several critically acclaimed films including Dopesick, Spotlight, The Founder, Birdman and has seven more films and counting in production. 
Michael Keaton Pre-Order Product
We are well aware that Michael's couple prior signings have been time-squeezed, resulting in autographs not being completed.  For our signing, Michael has graciously alotted several hours.  Additionally, we will be having all customer and send-ins orders signed first so there will be no possible issues with orders not being completed.  Pre-Order for the signing launches soon on Tuesday, August 15th at 2 PM EST and through the Celebrity Authentics Authorized Network of Dealers. Thanks to a few special sources, we have been able to acquire an incredible selection of very rare, fantastic photos of Michael from Batman and other films for the Pre-Order along with comics, pops, original posters, cowls, batarangs and much more - all totaling about 80 items plus you will have the option to send in your personal items to be autographed.  Due to time limits, inscriptions are not available. Michael will not be signing items from Birdman, The Founder or Spider-Man/MCU. For those who have purchased Michelle Pfeiffer autographed pieces and would like to add Michael’s signature, we have you taken care of by simply purchasing a Send-In option for your item and then contact us to arrange for that item to also be signed by Michael (please include your Order Number). Options to purchase their dual signed items will also be available. 
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