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CGC Signature Series

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Margot Robbie Autographed Harley Quinn #75 CA Exclusive Photo Cover CGC SS 9.8 Mint
Margot Robbie Autographed Panini Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn Special German CGC SS 9.8 Mint
Sigourney Weaver Autographed Aliens #4 Celebrity Authentics Variant Cover CGC SS 9.8
Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Thomas Wilson, Lea Thompson Autographed Back to the Future #1 CGC SS 9.8 with Sketch Art Variant Cover
Paul Rudd Autographed Ant-Man #11 Celebrity Authentics Variant CGC SS 9.8
Sigourney Weaver, Bill Paxton, Lance Henriksen, Aliens Cast Autographed Aliens #4 CGC SS 9.8 Variant Cover
Val Kilmer Autographed 2012 The New 52 Batman #0 CGC SS 9.8 with Batman Inscription (mint)
Megan Fox and Peter Cullen Autographed Transformers: Nefarious #3 CGC SS 9.8
Zachary Quinto Autographed Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #3 CGC SS 9.8
Peter Mayhew Autographed Star Wars Chewbacca #1 CGC SS 9.8
Yvonne Craig, Alicia Silverstone Autographed Batgirl #3 CGC SS 9.8
Kate Bosworth, Brandon Routh Autographed Superman #700 CGC SS 9.8
Samuel L. Jackson Autographed Star Wars Tales #13 CGC SS 9.8
Samuel L. Jackson Autographed Star Wars Mace Windu #1 CGC SS 9.8 with Action Figure Variant Cover
Amber Heard Autographed Aquaman #39 CGC SS 9.8
Megan Fox Autographed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #80 CGC SS 9.8
Josh Brolin, Rob Liefeld Autographed New Mutants #87 CGC SS 9.8
Kate Beckinsale Autographed 2017 Underworld Blood Wars #1 CGC SS 10 Celebrity Authentics Exclusive Variant Cover